Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Welcome to My Photog Blog!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my nzdigital blog. I must be up front and say that this isn't my first blog, and if any of you are returning (good on you) to nzdigital you will notice a 'slight' change.

My previous nzdigital blog also covered digital photography - but from a Nikon perspective. My 'new' blog, however, has obviously switched allegiances (or moved over to the dark side, depending on how you look at it) to Canon.

Maybe that makes me a hypocrite, maybe a confused individual, or maybe even edgy and provocative? But I intend to post here with as much zeal about Canon gear as I did about Nikon gear - heck, maybe even more!

Anyway, I'm pretty pumped about my new purchase - the Canon 30D, with a Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM? NICE!!!

I'll go into the whys and wherefore's in later posts, but for now I'll simply say that coming 'back' to Canon Digital is like coming back home to my 'roots'. It's where I started out in photography about twenty years ago (with a Canon T70), and it feels good to be back.

Moving to Nikon with the D70 when digital hit was, for me, the right thing to do at the time. And make no mistake, Nikon make some very nice kit. The Canon equivalent (the 350D) wasn't a patch on the Nikon - and I've said so very vocally in publications and several photography forums). But, times they are a changing... and with the winter upon us here (Downunder) and a few months to prepare for the next Wedding Season, I felt the time was right to re-evaluate my previous decision. Canon has a strong line-up in the mid-ranges now with the (firstly) 20D and then 30D - and rumours of the 40D coming out in the third quarter. My move away from Canon wasn't as clear cut anymore.

So - long story short - my 30D is coming... Should be here tomorrow in fact, which is good timing, because tomorrow also happens to be my sons birthday (6yrs old). So I'm thinking that the first images I take with the camera will be of him on his birthday. Very fitting indeed.

I'll post first impressions when the gear starts to arrive, but for now - so long and thanks for visiting.


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  1. ...or moved over to the dark side, depending on how you look at it

    You've got it backwards ;)
    Canon = Rebels ("Rebel" XTi) + white lenses

    Nikon = The Dark Side (black bodies/lenses)

    I actually found this blog due to a 4 yr old link in the Nikonians forums. Be interesting to see how the comparisons come out after using the 30D for awhile.

    Personally, I use a D80 and love it. Was going to buy a Canon, but it didn't feel right in my hand (but in hindsight, they only had Rebels, so not a proper comparison). Recently played in a store w/ the same setup that you just received and was wowed w/ the quickness of the focusing on that lens! Fast!! I was impressed. Definitely like to see how your impressions on the Nikon-Canon comparison come out.


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