Friday, 29 June 2007

17-55mm f2.8 in low light

I almost forgot! One final post of Joshua's birthday, taken to highlight the 17-55mm f2.8 IS low-light capabilities.

Took this at ISO 100, 1/15th sec at f2.8 hand-held. The IS gives amazing results at these shutter speeds - what little blur there is comes from subject movement, and NOT camera shake. I was very pleased with this result from only about my 6th shot out of the 30D - can't wait to use this in a church.

BUT... having said all that, over the course of this last week I have been a 'little' freaked out about some postings I've read about this lens on the Canon forums. Many wedding pros have posted comments about their 17-55's dying on them half way through a Wedding - after only 4 or 5 weddings!

Others also mention a dust problem, although the feeling with this may be that it gets sucked in from the front element and if you use a U.V. filter from day one the dust problem is minimised or even eliminated?

But it's the lens dying half way through a wedding that has me worried the most! Maybe I should have sprung for a 17-40 f4L or 24-105 f4L instead? But in every other respect the 17-55mm has it over the other two 'L' lenses. Faster aperture with IS, sharpness to kill for, excellent focal length coverage, and great balance on the 30D. The lens I've always wanted. Now if it can just make it through the next few wedding seasons...?

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