Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Gordy's Camera Strap

The retro styling of the EP-3 demands a retro strap - not the boring black neck strap that comes bundled with the camera.

A quick search for 'camera straps' on Google comes up with the obvious solution - a leather wrist strap from Gordy's Camera Straps.

Very stylish, very cool, very retro - and most importantly, very well made, I ordered a natural leather strap immediately. The price is also very reasonable ($18.00US) - delivered!

It only took a couple of weeks, and on Christmas Eve, my strap arrived on my doorstep ready for the Christmas holidays. I put it on the EP-3 straight away - and as you can see in the photo - it definitely looks the part! And feels the part too! Very comfortable.

Gordy also makes leather straps for SLR's and medium format TLR's, so I'm sure this won't be my only purchase.

If you care about the look, and security, of your camera - no matter what it is - then I suggest you head on over the Gordy's website and pick up a strap for yourself. Heck, why not pick up two for that price!?

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