Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Random Image

I hadn't been out to shoot landscapes for a while (been too busy processing weddings), so my mate Stewart and I decided to head down to our local beach last evening and shoot some landscapes.

This is one of the images I took using the 1D and a 17-40mm f4L. It was shot hand-held, simply because I had left the contact plate for my tripod at home, so couldn't connect the 1D to my tripod.

As the light was getting low, I was forced to look up into the sky to get more light for hand-holding - and noticed this cloud formation. I don't normally look up into the sky for my landscapes, other than as a component for the overall picture. I use sky as an element in the composition, but hardly ever as the main subject itself.

Maybe that's why I like this image so much. It's a departure for me, a different way of looking and thinking about my images, and if I had been able to use my tripod, it is probably a photo I would never have taken. It might not be an photo that will win me too many awards - if any - but it's a bit of a lightbulb moment.

Hopefully now I will 'look up' more often.

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