Wednesday, 6 August 2008

What's on your mind?

These blogs are a funny thing when you think about it. Part diary, part vanity - and in my case, hopefully part educational - they consist mostly of unrelated musings and quick 'bites' of useful/useless information.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking them. I'm sat here writing this at 11.00pm after all, so I must find some sort of merit in it. But I also can't help thinking that it's all pretty arbitrary, and a very large part of me knows that no one else is reading this stuff anyway.

But hey, I need my ego massaged as much as the next guy - so here's a quick challenge. In the immortal words of Pink Floyd.. "Is there anybody out there"? And if there is, then why not let me know that you are... and who you are. I've always found the photographic fraternity a fairly friendly bunch on the whole - so please, say "Hi".

Apparently this blog address is now going to be attached to my articles for D-Photo - so SOMEBODY must get curious and check it out one of these days. if you do, don't go away without saying 'gidday'.

And if you want answers to any questions, or any topics that you'd like me to cover - anything at all (although it would be helpful if they were photographic in nature), then drop me a line, add a comment, leave a note - LET ME KNOW for crying out loud.

Who knows, it just might make me write here more often?

Sunset Point at Hokitika. One of my entries for this months camera club competition.


  1. About time! :-) Nice to see you are alive!

  2. Hi Don - Yep, still alive and kickin. Good to see that you are a repeat offender! I'll try to keep the blog as fresh as I can from now on... promises, promises :-)


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