Friday, 23 August 2013

PK Weekend

Bil Subritzky - Promise Keepers, 2011
It's Promise Keepers weekend, and I'm off to Christchurch today to photograph the event for the PK team.

I was one of the 'official' (unpaid, volunteer) photographers in 2011, and enjoyed the experience. Last year my son Joshua came to PK with me for the first time, so I made myself unavailable to shoot the weekend. And the same was happening this year too, except Josh has come down with a nasty virus, so sadly he won't be coming this year.

I'm disappointed he's not coming, and so is he. But it does mean it now 'frees' me up to be the 'official' photographer for the event again this year.

I'm taking two cameras bodies - the 20D and 50D, and will use a 70-200mm f2.8 on a monopod with the 50D, and a 10-20mm wide on the 20D that I will sling over my shoulder. Both will be set at ISO 1600 to give me the fastest shutter speed possible - and I imagine I'll shoot wide-open for most of the weekend.

Above is my favorite photo from the 2011 event. I'll post my favorites from this year when I get back.

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  1. Nice work Wayne. You took some awesome images. Thanks for lending us your talents. John


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