Friday, 9 September 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

Tonight is the night - the start of Rugby World Cup 2011 here in New Zealand!

Lots of people today wearing black to support New Zealand in the opening match against Tonga. There are even a few brave souls sporting Tongan colours too!

We won't get a lot of traffic from the tournament down this end of the country, but we are still jazzed that it's happening in New Zealand - and of course we are all praying that the mighty All Blacks can do it this year, and win the cup with home-town advantage!

To mark the start, it's been 'wear your colours' day - and so the kids headed off to school dressed in black from head to toe. There's also been a smattering of businesses getting in behind the hype - the most impressive is probably one of the local hotels who have been waving flags around the building for the last few weeks.

The Royal Hotel waving the World Cup flags. 20D & EF-S 18-55mm IS
I'm a huge rugby fan - have been ever since I was a boy and would watch the All Black test matches on tv with my dad. My wife, however - not so much. She surprised me this week though, and asked me if we could watch the opening ceremony and first game together.

So tonight that's what we'll be doing. The whole family will watch the opening ceremony together, and then Joanna and I will watch the mighty All Blacks destroy Tonga! GO BLACK!!!

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