Friday, 6 May 2011

Canon Powershot G6

Yes, I do know my numerals, and can tell a 3 from a 6. The Powershot G3 that I won on Trademe arrived in the post the other day - and long story short - it doesn't work!

Still not sure whether I should be annoyed by this, or chalk another one up to a learning experience? Upon reflection, I probably didn't ask enough questions about the G3, since the seller did state there was an issue - but they 'presumed' the issue was with the CF card, and not the camera itself.

Never presume. Ever.

I presumed they were right, and it would just need a new CF card. I was wrong, and so were they.

So I now have a useless G3 (turns on, but doesn't write to the card - it shuts down giving an E52 error), and I'm not quite sure how much I can push the 'you didn't tell me' line of enquiry with the seller? I have emailed them to let them know that the camera still doesn't work with another Cf card, and I guess we'll take it from there.

It does mean, however, that I come away from the experience a little wiser - no matter the outcome - but still without a Canon G series compact.... or do I?

Never one to muck around, and, watching many other camera auctions as is my want, I had been following an auction for a G6 (in mint condition), with both tele and wide converter lenses that looked like it might go for a very good (i.e. low) price. And I was right. Because I won it! For a very good price.

So it's out with the G3 (even if I end up cutting my losses and keeping it) and in with the G6. And I'm pretty pleased about that.

The Canon G6 is an 'almost' doubling of megapixels (from 4 to 7.1) which will give great A3 sized prints (again, more than enough for me), with the same excellent lens that was on the G3 (and G5). But this time I get both the wide and teleconverter lenses with it as well! For not much more than I paid for the G3 in the first instance! Bonus!!

The G6 also increases the screen from a 1.8" to a 2" (with the same resolution), and uses the same battery as my 20D and 5D - very handy indeed.

ISOs remain at 50 to 400, although a test I saw recently rated them more like 100 to 640, with excellent noise control despite the larger megapixel rating.

Button placement has been fiddled with for better ergonomics, and the G6 is lighter and smaller than both the G3 and G5 that it replaces.

Actual G6 from auction with conversion lenses

But what I am most excited about with the G6 is getting the accessory lenses included with the auction.
Above we see the telephoto lens on the left which takes the focal distance up to 245mm (from 140mm) and the wide angle lens on the right that takes the lens down to 24.5mm (from 35mm). The conversion adapter required for both lenses to fit also has a filter thread allowing for the use of 58mm filters.

Add to this the ability to use my 420EX flash in full ETTL mode, and I'll have an instant 'compact' kit.

I realise that it's not as 'compact' as today's offerings, but I actually like that fact. I don't like my compact cameras to be too small, because then they become too light and tricky to stabilize (even with built in stabilization). I like a little bit of 'beef' to a camera. Gives me something to hang on to. But that's just me.

So the instant demise of the G3 may turn out to have been a blessing in disguise. I have a feeling the G6 and I will become very good friends. :-) Can't wait.

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