Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Decision made.

From Canon to Nikon and back again.

This blog started as a Nikon owners blog when I was using the Nikon D70 all those years ago - and then switched a couple of years later when I changed to the Canon 30D. This led to the 5D, and then back to Nikon when my 5D stopped working just prior to last years wedding season.

The Canon 5D not working rocked me quite a bit, as only a few months earlier the 'L' lens that came with it (24-105 f4L) also needed to be sent back to Canon for an issue with the lens barrel. Was Canon's quality control going all to heck? Why was this happening to their 'professional' models - and more importantly, why was it happening to me!?

So I jumped ship, sold most of my Canon gear (except the 5D body), and got the Nikon D300. And I've loved it ever since.

But now the Canon 5D is back - repaired, and I can't help myself. I'm a Canon user at heart and always have been. So I'm keeping the 5D - looking for a backup body (probably a 40D), and have started selling my Nikon gear. The SB600 flash and Nikon D300 body have already gone! In fact the D300 body sold about an hour after I put it up for auction online. Now I have all my lenses and other accessories up as well.

Been looking around for a vertical grip for the 5D (BG-E4), but they seem to be rarer than hens teeth! So I've purchased one from Adorama in the USA, from their secondhand dept. Should be here by the end of the week? Maybe in time for my last wedding of the year?

So I've shot my last wedding with the Nikon D300. And yes, I'm sad about that. I still maintain that it's a 'better' camera than the 5D. Only hope the decision doesn't haunt me too much!?

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  1. Thanks for being a GR8 Adorama customer, Wayne! And don't forget that you have a 90-day warranty on that used grip - which includes a 30-day returns period, if you simply change your mind!

    If you ever need any advice - or after-sales support - with any order from Adorama, I'm only an email away.

    Helen Oster ☺
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador



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