Monday, 27 September 2010

Update and iPhone

Well, I'm still a Nikon user... and I don't say that with any regret. I'm proud to be a Nikonian, and have even added to my Nikkor lenses in the last few days (more on that later).

My Canon 5D is still away at the repairers, and the prognosis is not great :-(  He has never seen this sort of problem before, and is unsure as to how to proceed with the repair at this stage. He has a couple of theories as to what 'might' be wrong, but until he gets another 5D body in for repair, can't really 'test' these theories out. So we (I) play the waiting game, and the jury is still out on the 5D.

So, with decisions about which kit to continue on with (almost) made, I decided on my next lens purchase... an iPhone!

Wait - let me explain. It's not really as crazy as it sounds. Well OK, maybe it's a bit crazy. But as per usual, there's a (little) method to my madness.

No, it's not really my next lens purchase. In fact, it's not really a lens purchase at all - even though it has a 2MP camera (I'm not going to be using my iPhone as a backup at weddings anytime soon).

Having sold a bunch of lenses, and with money in my account to purchase a lens with, my thoughts had been geared towards getting a super wide angle for landscapes. I though seriously about the Tokina 14-24mm f4, but couldn't find anything second-hand in my price range. Same with the Nikkor 14-24mm f4 as well, which was even more expensive.

Being an Apple enthusiast, I've always wanted an iPhone - but have never had the money to drop down on one. But now I did... And the smart phone I was using (Palm Treo) was a very old model, on the old network, which Telecom (NZ's major phone carrier) is due to terminate in the next year. So a new phone was in the pipeline anyway. Why not make it an iPhone?

To cut a long story short, that's what I've done with half of the lens money - purchased a 16Gig 3G iPhone on Trademe. And I'm in love! What took me so long? Well OK, I know what took me so long ($$), but I'm now glad I've finally got one. What an amazing phone!

And as for the other half of the lens money... well, you know that lens purchase I mentioned earlier... it should be turning up any moment. A 105mm f2.8D Nikkor Macro lens - another bargain off Trademe.

Don't ask me how I can turn money for a super-wide angle lens into an iPhone and a macro lens? It's just a gift I have... :-)

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