Sunday, 6 January 2008

Images from a Sunday Drive...

Hey, wadda ya know... two postings in a row. Don't worry, it won't happen again :-)

Took the family for a Sunday drive today, out to the West Coast Goldmining 'Ghost Town' of Waiuta (Why-oo-ta). I'd love to say it was so I could try out the Pentax 67 (see last post), but it wasn't. Took the 30D and 10-20mm instead and all shots below were taken with that combination.

What I did get to try out was my most recent accessory, a lens hood for the 10-20mm. My wife got it for me on my 40th, and I was glad to have it today given the bright mid-day conditions. The hood fits perfectly, as you would expect as it was designed specifically for the 10-2mm, but it ain't small. It looks like you've got a black bread & butter plate mounted on the front of the lens. Still, it does the job, and that is most definitely the main thing.

Waiuta is the remnants of what once was a thriving gold mining town on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Built in 1900 around one of the largest and richest gold mining operations in New Zealand, it was all but deserted by 1952 after a major collapse at the main mine site. Today it is a ghost town, with only a few of the last cottages left standing. Foundation stones and parts of chimneys also dot the area, interspersed with rusting metal components of the old mining machinery.

At the end of the day I also came by the Blackwater School which has been closed for many years. It saddens me to think that these once thriving places are now being left to slowly perish and die. Then again, I suppose that the upshot for me is that they tend to make for great photo opportunities. Just like the kind I had with my family today.

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