Sunday, 29 July 2007

My 'Bappa-tism'

With much pomp and ceremony, and a whole lotta love, I was Baptised today by Rev. Tim Mora at the Anglican Parish of Cobden-Runanga. I've called it my 'Bappa-tism' because that is what my 6yr old son Joshua called it all day. Very cute. That's the kind of stuff I hope I don't forget about my children, although sadly I know that I will.

Anyway, I digress.

I had been preparing myself for this for a couple of weeks - ever since Tim and I talked about it happening. But still, I wasn't prepared for how emotional it would be, and how it would effect me on the day. From the moment Tim asked me up with my family and sponsors (yeah Stewart and Eric, thanks guys), I felt overwhelmed, and a little light headed.

The feeling of fellowship, love and belonging I felt today was something very special. Jesus has blessed me since I asked him into my life, and today was the perfect affirmation of that blessing. All, I suppose, that a Baptism should be.

I'm not naive enough to think that my life as a 'born again' Christian will be all wine and roses (or should that be fishes?). My wife and I have already experienced some 'spiritual' attacks since my coming to Christ (as have Tim and Nikki - sorry guys, keep up the great work), so I know that the journey has only just begun. But what I do know is that during the tough times, not only will I have God beside me, but also the love, generosity and affection shown to me today.

My 'Bappa-tism" was all that I hoped it would be. There was cake, gifts, food, laughter and song - all centered around my public declaration - but all pointed towards the one who matters most, our heavenly father.

God is Good.

My wife - Joanna, my daughter Emily, my son Joshua, and Me at my "Bappa-tism" today.


  1. Dear Wayne

    It's nice to know that you're in CHRIST.

    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures you're sharing and the reviews you've done.

    Would you consider adding Bible Scriptures to your pictures and create Scripture Photos for God's glory.

    God bless your work,

  2. Hi John
    Thanks for your very kind comments.
    I have indeed considered doing a calendar or something with landscape images and Bible verses, but alas it remains in the development stage...
    Maybe it's something I should re-visit?

  3. Hi Wayne

    Maybe God is calling/reminding you to return to your 'Scripture Calendar/Card or Poster' projects again. This type of projects have eternal value, and it's worth sowing the seeds soon to reap an eternal harvest.

    "Pictures come and go, but God's Word remains forever!"
    "Photographers come and go, but the photographer who loves God will be remembered by HIM forever!"

    You already have a good collection of beautiful work over the years and let God's Word find a place in them. It will definitely make your pictures even MORE beautiful!

    May God bless and guide you along,


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